Department of Human Physiology & Biochemistry

Department of Human Physiology & Biochemistry

The major goal of the department is to provide the students of dentistry the basics of Physiology & Biochemistry in a concise and interesting manner, so that by the end of the first B.D.S. they should be able to correlate the importance of these basic subjects to the subjects of dentistry, in the field of teaching, patient care and research.


Physiology is a fascinating and ancient branch of science. Fascinating because it unfolds the mystery of the complicated functional aspects of the individual organs of the body. Ancient because it exists since the origin of life.


It differs from other Biomedical sciences as it lays emphasis on the regulatory mechanisms that maintain normalcy within narrow limits. Knowledge of Physiology lays the foundation, essential to understand its allied subjects like Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pathology and Medicine.

The aim of Biochemistry in medical and allied sciences is to describe and explain all chemical processes of living cells and the reactions they undergo. Biochemistry and Medicine are intimately related. Biochemical studies have illuminated many aspects of health and disease. Health depends on balance and harmony of Biochemical reactions occurring in the body and disease reflects anomalies at the molecular level. The biochemical laboratory tests, aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of treatment. Genetic Engineering is an offshoot of Biochemistry.


The Department of Physiology & Biochemistry has the total floor space area of 3722 sq. ft. comprising of staff room, well-equipped Hematology and Biochemistry laboratories.


The department has well experienced and dedicated teaching and non-teaching staff . The Physiology section has one Professor and two associate professors. Biochemistry section has one professor, two associate professors and one lecturer.


Total theory hours for 1st B.D.S. are 190 and practical hours are 120 which are spread over oneacademic year. In addition to the routine teaching duties the staff also actively participates in various institutional activities and are members of various committees.


The department is blessed with highly enthusiastic, hardworking and sincere non- teaching staff comprising of one lab technician, three lab assistants and two peons. The technical staff is involved in preparation of reagents, maintenance of both laboratories, office work, maintenance of students record etc. and two peons take care of cleanliness of the department, lecture hall, seminar room and assist in office work.

Teaching Staff


Dr. Kumudini D. Borole (Ph.D.)

Professor & HOD


Dr. Annasaheb Sawant Ph.D (Medical)

Asso. Professor/Reader


Dr. Ashok V. Shinde Ph.D (Medical)

Asso. Professor/Reader


Mrs. Shruti Mulgund (M.Sc.)



Dr. Adwait Godse (M.D)


Non- Teaching Staff


Mrs. Ujwala Gangadhare

Lab Technicians


Mr. Vishnu Kadlaskar

Lab. Cleaner

Seminars/ Conferences/Workshops organized by the department




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