Department of General Pathology & Microbiology

Department of General Pathology & Microbiology

Pathology means study of diseases (Pathos: Disease; Logos : Study). This subject answers the questions why, how and indicates what can be done. It includes Histopathology (diagnosis from microscopic examination of small pieces taken from diseased body part), Haematology (tests related to blood), Clinical chemistry (tests like urine examination) and Biochemistry (chemical parameters like Blood sugar, cholesterol etc). Pathology Department is well equipped and staffed to initiate the students in the basic theories, concepts and pathological processes leading to disease, including microscopic diagnosis, judicious use and interpretation of different tests.


Medical microbiology is the science of living organisms that are only visible under the microscope which includes various branches. Students study various microorganisms responsible for diseases in humans. The methods of laboratory diagnosis of infectious diseases and vaccine production have been revolutionized with the development of latest technologies. Therefore, a thorough knowledge of microbiology is essential to every healthcare worker. Student can learn the basic techniques of microbiology, various sterilization and disinfection procedures to render safe and hygienic practices in dental health care to prevent and cure dental diseases.

Teaching Staff

General Pathology


Dr. Shrikant Shankar Diwanay (M.D.)

Asso. Professor/Reader


Dr. Savita Ladkat (M.D.)

Asst. Professor/Lecturer


Dr. Ashwini Aher (M.B.B.S., D.C.P.)



Dr. Rajeev R. Saxena (M.D.)

Professor & HOD


Mrs. Ashwini Bhosale (M.Sc.)

Asst. Professor


Mr. Mukhit Kazi (M.Sc.)


Non- Teaching Staff


Mrs. Sheeba Roberts

Lab.  Technician.


Mr. Sheshrao Dongre

Lab.  Asst.


Mr. Rajendra Dixit


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